Shun Zhou Group Unveils Epoxy Coated Twin Razors Concertina Wire

Piracy-at-sea is a big risk with an immensely high damage potential, so much so that insurers advise ship owners to deploy razor wire around the ship. With ransoms running into millions coupled with expensive insurance premiums, razor wire has proven to be a cost-effective solution.
Razor wire is an effective self-protection method that avoids utilising fatal and possibly illegal force. Intruders attempting to climb the ship’s side is deterred by pipes of razor wire running and easily deployed along the outside of the bulwarks at main deck level, guarding the ship around the stern and along each side to the bow.
Today, Hamilton Global Ventures, Shun Zhou Group’s investment arm, unveils a core offering to its Trident Plus range of products – a rust-resistant concertina barbed wires.
The Trident Plus Differentiation:
While razor wire has proven itself to be fairly effective deterrent, it has some shortcomings. Razor wires used are not rust-resistant and prone to corrosion and damage under typical sea condition. This has prompted users to deploy the razor wires only when they enter into known high-risk areas, and to dismantle them once they are in safe water.
The razor wires in the Trident range are all epoxy-coated to provide a very high level of rust-resistance; once deployed, the wires can be left in position throughout the ship’s duration at sea. All are available in bright orange to provide added visual deterrence to intruders.
In addition, the blades are custom-sized and larger than ordinary land-based types to provide added protection.
The technology powering the Trident range comes from Hamilton Venture’s own research and development, backed by more than 20 years of experience in serving the marine industry.
“Our clients come to us for efficient, cost-effective solutions to mitigate piracy risk” says Albert Oon, Managing Director of Shun Zhou Group and Hamilton Global Ventures. “As an industry leader serving the marine industry, Hamilton Global Ventures will continue to add new features and products within our Trident range by developing, partnering, or acquiring new technologies.” Albert also reveals that most of the ships not targeted by pirates are “almost exclusively those that have best practices “hence the company will strive to constantly educate users on the benefits of equipping themselves with Trident products”.

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