Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution

His perseverance and endurance are his best armor in weathering the harshest environment thrown to him, earning him two time and double award winner in EYA 2013 and 2016. Congrats once again to the big-hearted Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution Mr.Albert Oon!
Encouraging all aspiring entrepreneurs to the arena and challenge the odds at the EYA 2018. All the best!

Albert Oon – EYA 2016 Winner (Established Entrepreneur)

"As an entrepreneur, having a compassionate heart, to be able to "scatter kindness" to the less fortunate, means more than just about making money. One has to have perseverance with the belief to do something you want to be proud of and to leave a legacy behind. Also, it is essential to be a good example for the younger generation.If you want to be the best, you have to compete and be in the same arena as the best. That is why I chose to be part of The Entrepreneur of the Year Award."Mr Albert Oon, Managing Director of Shun Zhou Group and Winner of EYA 2016 (Established Entrepreneur) & EYA for Social Contribution.EYA 2018 is now open for nominations! Email us at eya.secretariat@asme.org.sg for more information.LIKE EYA Facebook page for updates on the Award or visit www.eya.com.sg for participation details.

Posted by EYA – Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

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