Shun Zhou Education Fund

Our colleague that applied for the Shun Zhou Education Fund(顺洲教育基金)received their cheque yesterday! Since 2014 the Education fund is given out once a year for their children’s education from primary school until their tertiary education. Regardless of nationality, race and number of school going children they have as we believe in the importance of education, we believe in educating the future generation.
Shun Zhou Group’s initiative is to lighten their burden on their shoulders so everyone can focus and excel in their work without worrying too much. #shunzhougroup #shunzhoufoundation #homeoftheelite

To bring smile and love

Helping someone may not change the whole world but it allows us to change someone’s world. We reached out to many whom had less, lesser and….lesser due to the economic crisis. Most importantly we saw a lot of hope in their teary eyes ! Simple gestures that we do to bring smile and love.

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri

Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri to all our Muslim friends! Shun Zhou Foundation has never forget that great friendships are forged by mutual respect and love towards one another regardless of religion. Food is nutrition to the mind and love is nutrition to the heart.
But Love is our religion

Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution

His perseverance and endurance are his best armor in weathering the harshest environment thrown to him, earning him two time and double award winner in EYA 2013 and 2016. Congrats once again to the big-hearted Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution Mr.Albert Oon!
Encouraging all aspiring entrepreneurs to the arena and challenge the odds at the EYA 2018. All the best!

Albert Oon – EYA 2016 Winner (Established Entrepreneur)

"As an entrepreneur, having a compassionate heart, to be able to "scatter kindness" to the less fortunate, means more than just about making money. One has to have perseverance with the belief to do something you want to be proud of and to leave a legacy behind. Also, it is essential to be a good example for the younger generation.If you want to be the best, you have to compete and be in the same arena as the best. That is why I chose to be part of The Entrepreneur of the Year Award."Mr Albert Oon, Managing Director of Shun Zhou Group and Winner of EYA 2016 (Established Entrepreneur) & EYA for Social Contribution.EYA 2018 is now open for nominations! Email us at for more information.LIKE EYA Facebook page for updates on the Award or visit for participation details.

Posted by EYA – Entrepreneur of the Year Award on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Putting our love

We do not only stop at giving the physically disabled a new lease of life, we also gave out more than 60 goodies bags to the young fighters that are fighting brain tumors at KK Children Hospital in a joint event with DukeNUS and Porsche Club Singapore.
Putting our love❤️in the goodies bags allows us to cheer them up and assuring the children that they’re not fighting a lone battle. Their eyes lit up when they saw the colorful lollipops and candies ! Difficult roads lead to beautiful destination, fight on young warriors!

Giving happiness is Happiness

The Chinese Year is around the corner and as many of us are preparing our celebration, the philanthropic arm of Shun Zhou Group, Shun Zhou Foundation is busy giving the physically disabled and low income families in Singapore walking aid and food so they’re able to come out and celebrate the new year with better mobility and happiness.
Not only did we handed out walking aid to the members of public, we also donated 20 brand new wheels chairs to SPD( Society for the Physically Disabled) helping people with disabilities maximise their potential and integrating them into mainstream society. I total more than 50 wheelchairs and 150 walking sticks were distributed in February. We hope that with our simple gesture we can allow many to come out from isolation and pursue happiness. Well we believe that “giving happiness is Happiness”!
Credits to our SZF volunteers from various departments. Thank you !

Visit Made to Angsana Home at Pelangi Village

Gary Liang, Thank you for showing me around today. I’m deeply impressed by the well managed facilities in Angsana and also your determination/passion to assist the residents not forgetting the motivation you have to return their abilities to sync with our society. Thank you for being the Nightingale ! My best wishes to you and your team! Hooyah!




The gift of love to Madam Chua

Loneliness is Madam Chua’s past time as both her children are serving time in the prison. After a referral that her old TV had broken down, Madam Chua 72 years old whom is unemployed was depressed as watching tv was her only past time while waiting for her sons to be released. A kind soul donated a 32″ TV to Shun Zhou Foundation(SZF) and we present the gift of love to Madam Chua. Just in time for this long weekend!

Project Rice June 2017

Our philanthropy arm Shun Zhou Foundation rice distribution for Project Rice in June has reached out to Singapore’s multiracial and multi religion society, feeding the hungry with warmth and love. SZF aims to provide the less with the best we can.
Below are some of the beneficiaries for Project Rice June 2017.
Metta School
Catholic Welfare Service Center
Gift Of Love
Jamiya Home for The Aged
Meranti Home
Ramakrisna Mission
St. Joseph Home
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission ( SWAMI)

Project Wheeler

Shun Zhou’s philanthropic arm, Shun Zhou Foundation has completed another round of benevolent activities reaching out to those needy with mobility difficulties by delivering free wheelchairs to them. The free wheelchairs help them to get out of isolation, to move around easier so that they can mingle with their neighbours and seek medical treatments more conveniently because most of them stay alone in rented government housing. Our free wheelchair project also help to lighten their financial burdens as most of them are unable to work.

We know the current economic situation is challenging but it will not stop us from scattering our love.


Wheelchair and walking sticks arrive for the needy people

Hope is here! Our arrival of another 80 new wheelchairs and 1000pcs of walking sticks are here for needy, giving them hope and lighten their burden thus encouraging those that have difficulty leaving their door steps to come out and play. The air outside is really different. We wish our little gesture will be able to bring happiness and hope!


Donation to The Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Wheelchairs and walking sticks donations to The Singapore Buddhist Lodge, one of Singapore’s oldest welfare organization that serves free meals everyday and provides welfare aid to the homeless and the poor regardless of race or religion. Responding at its request yesterday we delivered our wheelchairs and walking sticks for those folks that require this morning. Chinese New Year is around the corner so we are really rushing for time reaching out to our community aiding them in ushering the Year of the Monkey!


Project Tongkat 2016

Shun Zhou’s volunteers had a very wonderful and fruitful morning today as more than twenty of us distributed more than 200 walking sticks and several wheelchairs to many elderly in this morning’s Project Tongkat, in conjunction with Chay Sian Thong Temple’s annual Ang Pow distribution to elderly whom badly requires public assistance. Many of the elderly were familiar faces whom we have seen for many years. It was especially meaningful for us as we were able to contribute our little gesture that ignited many smiles and enable many that have problems walking be able to make use of our wheelchairs and walking sticks to walk and live their lives normally again.
Once again we thank our very own Shun Zhou Angels for their time and sacrifices on an early Sunday morning to make this event a success!



Partnering with Singapore Cancer Society & Project Tongkat Preparation

While many households in Singapore are preparing for their Chinese New Year celebration, Shun Zhou Group partners with Singapore Cancer Society for the first time in reaching out to low income cancer patients in Singapore providing goodie bags that contains Chinese New Year goodies, health products and also ANG POW(Red Packet) to hand deliver to 100 patients and interacting with them at the same time to cheer them on with encouragements to overcome their fear to fight against cancer.
Concurrently another of our team is preparing for our next round of Project Tongkat this coming Sunday 17th January 2016. 
Merits to Singapore Cancer Society and the volunteers from Shun Zhou Group.