Preparing for the future

Through our rigorous in house R&D, we have further enhanced the most important aspect of fabrication which is the art of precision coupled with high speed accuracy. We have succeeded by shortening the delivery and producing them with astonishing quality! We’re always subjected challenges in the fast paced environment but we are embracing them with our determination and perseverance. We will be increasing the headcount of our advanced robotic equipments in 2018 to elevate ourselves and prepare us for the future!

Christmas Celebration!

It is uncommon to be BBQ-ing on the street right in the heart of the city in Singapore but we did that last evening at our historical conservation building right in the city to celebrate an early Christmas. The evening was fun-filled with tons of laughter, presents and abundance of delicious food! We cant wait for the next one!

Assuring Quality: We Put Your Interest Above Ours!

Quality Check (QC) is one of most essential procedure of our procurement criteria, even if we’ve to do that in the winter at -6 degree Celsius. Our customers deserve the best, like we strongly believed that we will not put our customers safety at risk, as much as we honour our own reputation. Yes, even we’ve to brave the harshest environment to execute our promises, we will do it. Utmostly, We Put Your Interest Above Ours!

An Unwavering Spirit

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination. Its not important Who is Ahead of us or Who is Behind us. What truly matters in life is Who is WITH us! We are grateful that our faithful business partners are always with us through all these years, Thank you!


Never Forgotten Our Roots

We’ve never forgotten our roots. Experiences over the past 29 years have strengthened us to weather the harshest environment with you.

Visit Made to Angsana Home at Pelangi Village

Gary Liang, Thank you for showing me around today. I’m deeply impressed by the well managed facilities in Angsana and also your determination/passion to assist the residents not forgetting the motivation you have to return their abilities to sync with our society. Thank you for being the Nightingale ! My best wishes to you and your team! Hooyah!




Our Global Business Development Office

Our Global Business Development Office put together by our own Fabrication Division using our own products. What an opulence place to work in!

Albert Oon: Self-made Singapore rags-to-riches entrepreneur

Our group Managing Director, Mr. Albert Oon, being featured in “The Independent” for his entrepreneur journey.
ALBERT Oon believes there’s no shortcut for hard work that leads to effectiveness. “You must stay disciplined because most of the work is behind the scenes,” says the 47-year-old Managing Director of Shun Zhou Hardware.

He has gone through the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears” and his rags-to-riches personal tale is probably one of the best examples of a Made-in-Singapore entrepreneurship.

Albert Oon: Self-made Singapore rags-to-riches entrepreneur

The gift of love to Madam Chua

Loneliness is Madam Chua’s past time as both her children are serving time in the prison. After a referral that her old TV had broken down, Madam Chua 72 years old whom is unemployed was depressed as watching tv was her only past time while waiting for her sons to be released. A kind soul donated a 32″ TV to Shun Zhou Foundation(SZF) and we present the gift of love to Madam Chua. Just in time for this long weekend!

Project Rice June 2017

Our philanthropy arm Shun Zhou Foundation rice distribution for Project Rice in June has reached out to Singapore’s multiracial and multi religion society, feeding the hungry with warmth and love. SZF aims to provide the less with the best we can.
Below are some of the beneficiaries for Project Rice June 2017.
Metta School
Catholic Welfare Service Center
Gift Of Love
Jamiya Home for The Aged
Meranti Home
Ramakrisna Mission
St. Joseph Home
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission ( SWAMI)