Visit Made to Angsana Home at Pelangi Village

Gary Liang, Thank you for showing me around today. I’m deeply impressed by the well managed facilities in Angsana and also your determination/passion to assist the residents not forgetting the motivation you have to return their abilities to sync with our society. Thank you for being the Nightingale ! My best wishes to you and your team! Hooyah!




Our Global Business Development Office

Our Global Business Development Office put together by our own Fabrication Division using our own products. What an opulence place to work in!

Albert Oon: Self-made Singapore rags-to-riches entrepreneur

Our group Managing Director, Mr. Albert Oon, being featured in “The Independent” for his entrepreneur journey.
ALBERT Oon believes there’s no shortcut for hard work that leads to effectiveness. “You must stay disciplined because most of the work is behind the scenes,” says the 47-year-old Managing Director of Shun Zhou Hardware.

He has gone through the proverbial “blood, sweat and tears” and his rags-to-riches personal tale is probably one of the best examples of a Made-in-Singapore entrepreneurship.

Albert Oon: Self-made Singapore rags-to-riches entrepreneur

The gift of love to Madam Chua

Loneliness is Madam Chua’s past time as both her children are serving time in the prison. After a referral that her old TV had broken down, Madam Chua 72 years old whom is unemployed was depressed as watching tv was her only past time while waiting for her sons to be released. A kind soul donated a 32″ TV to Shun Zhou Foundation(SZF) and we present the gift of love to Madam Chua. Just in time for this long weekend!

Project Rice June 2017

Our philanthropy arm Shun Zhou Foundation rice distribution for Project Rice in June has reached out to Singapore’s multiracial and multi religion society, feeding the hungry with warmth and love. SZF aims to provide the less with the best we can.
Below are some of the beneficiaries for Project Rice June 2017.
Metta School
Catholic Welfare Service Center
Gift Of Love
Jamiya Home for The Aged
Meranti Home
Ramakrisna Mission
St. Joseph Home
Sunshine Welfare Action Mission ( SWAMI)

An Unwavering Spirit

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destination. Its not important Who is Ahead of us or Who is Behind us. What truly matters in life is Who is WITH us! We are grateful that our faithful business partners are always with us through all these years, Thank you!

Shun Zhou Group 2016 – The Innovative Evolution

As a follow up to the program, “Unwavered Spirit” in 2015 by Channel News Asia for Shun Zhou Group, a special 2-minute feature on the Innovative Progress of the Distribution Center is aired for all!

Shun Zhou Fabrication Division

Shun Zhou fabrication division has introduced robotic welding arms and other advanced machineries to speed up the fabrication process and reduce the cost of labour so we are able to pass on the savings to our business partners in this highly competitive industry. This video shows one of our welding robot completing a piece of walkway grating in only 5 minutes comparing to 45 minutes using an experienced human welder. With our sophiscated welding robots coupled with our innovations, we shaved delivery time by up to 70% and also enhanced our price competitiveness tremendously! Beautiful and even welding marks that we are extremely proud of. We invest to save your cost and your time. We invest to improve our work flow efficiency!
At Shun Zhou, “We Put Youur Interest above Ours!”

2017 Lunar New Year

To have an auspicious Lunar New Year, traditional lion dancing is a must for many businesses to welcome good luck and prosperity. This year we have the pleasure of having one of the best acrobatic lion dance troop in Singapore to perform in Shun Zhou Distribution Center to welcome this Lunar New Year as we want to share the positive energies and good luck with our business partners and wishing everyone a prosperous and bountiful year ahead ! HUAT AH!

Project Wheeler

Shun Zhou’s philanthropic arm, Shun Zhou Foundation has completed another round of benevolent activities reaching out to those needy with mobility difficulties by delivering free wheelchairs to them. The free wheelchairs help them to get out of isolation, to move around easier so that they can mingle with their neighbours and seek medical treatments more conveniently because most of them stay alone in rented government housing. Our free wheelchair project also help to lighten their financial burdens as most of them are unable to work.

We know the current economic situation is challenging but it will not stop us from scattering our love.


2016 Staff Appreciation Dinner

As 2016 is coming to an end in less than a month, we decided to host a dinner for our colleagues. This dinner is to appreciate everybody’s dedication and hard work we have put in for this very challenging year. However our hard work through these years were recognized and rewarded. Shun Zhou Group has triumphed in several awards this year and emerge 46th position in the coveted Enterprise50 Award recognizing Singapore’s top 50 enterprises from all industries. All these would not have been possible without the perseverance and determination of all of us!

Our firm belief on our core value which is “Putting others interest above ours” also had reinforced our partnership with our customers and forging tremendous synergies in this trying economic environment. When we looked back and we know we’ve done it right, we will continue to work on every aspect right to the tiniest details to achieve mutual growth together with our business partners.

2017 will be as challenging but Shun Zhou has already accustomed to such harshness. We remain optimistic and ready to embrace any challenge together with our business partners. At Shun Zhou ” We Put Your Interest Above Ours”.

A Big Thank You

A big thank you to close friends of Shun Zhou for their full page congratulatory message in Zaobao for our multiple awards winning this year!

Entrepreneur Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution Awards

Our heartiest congratulations to our Group MD on his double win AGAIN! Winning the Entrepreneur Of The Year Award(Established Category) for the second time! He also won Entrepreneur Of The Year For Social Contribution in the Sub- Category. A recognition for his business acumen and big hearted social contribution towards the less in the society.
The Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA) is the oldest Award in Singapore that honours local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners, be they emerging or established enterprises, in their respective industry fields.