Project Tongkat 2016

Shun Zhou’s volunteers had a very wonderful and fruitful morning today as more than twenty of us distributed more than 200 walking sticks and several wheelchairs to many elderly in this morning’s Project Tongkat, in conjunction with Chay Sian Thong Temple’s annual Ang Pow distribution to elderly whom badly requires public assistance. Many of the elderly were familiar faces whom we have seen for many years. It was especially meaningful for us as we were able to contribute our little gesture that ignited many smiles and enable many that have problems walking be able to make use of our wheelchairs and walking sticks to walk and live their lives normally again.
Once again we thank our very own Shun Zhou Angels for their time and sacrifices on an early Sunday morning to make this event a success!



Partnering with Singapore Cancer Society & Project Tongkat Preparation

While many households in Singapore are preparing for their Chinese New Year celebration, Shun Zhou Group partners with Singapore Cancer Society for the first time in reaching out to low income cancer patients in Singapore providing goodie bags that contains Chinese New Year goodies, health products and also ANG POW(Red Packet) to hand deliver to 100 patients and interacting with them at the same time to cheer them on with encouragements to overcome their fear to fight against cancer.
Concurrently another of our team is preparing for our next round of Project Tongkat this coming Sunday 17th January 2016. 
Merits to Singapore Cancer Society and the volunteers from Shun Zhou Group.


Visual inspection for clients

Something uncommon arrived in a wooden case today and it’s our job to conduct a visual inspection for our client before delivery.
Bring it on 2016! We’re READY !


Responding to last minute demands

Responding to client’s requests and fulfilling them all the time is part of our values. Out of the blue last minute orders or demands are just too common in our industry. But uncommon for many to fulfill . Nevertheless at Shun Zhou Hub we’re not surprised but have the orders processed and fulfilled! YES! Even on a quiet Sunday evening ! We Put Your Interest Above Ours !


Project Wheeler

Project Wheeler is yet another community initiative along with Project Tongkat that we have embarked on since 2014. We have since distributed more than 700 pcs of free walking sticks for Project Tongkat that helped many people especially the lower income group and elderly to walk out from isolation and loneliness so that they will able to mingle around and kill their boredom in their neighbourhood. While we were giving the walking sticks, we realized that there were also quite a number of people whom will not be able to walk even with walking sticks as they were either too weak to balance themselves or their legs were amputated. These people required wheelchairs to move around but the wheelchairs are too expensive for them to afford. Some of them had broken down wheelchairs that couldn’t move and some wheelchairs were stained with urine and excrement. That is how Project Wheeler was initiated, to bring mobility to them for the same reason to help this group of people to be able to move around much more easily.

Together with the other community or humanitarian projects that we have embarked on, we aim to make the world a better place to live in and we believe that giving happiness is happiness.

Like our corporate motto says, WE PUT YOUR INTEREST ABOVE OURS.

LPG Tankers Trident Epoxy Twin Razor Wire Installation

One more satisfied client that entrusted their safety in our hands. LPG Tankers are always open to higher risks because of their low sideboards therefore we installed our Trident Epoxy Twin Razor Wire as a basic deterrence against piracy attacks and also basic necessities for their citadel.
Piracy deterrence had been our task since 2007. Thank you for your confidence in us . Like our value says , We Put Your Interest Above Ours”


Winning the Singapore Prestige Brand Award’s Heritage Brand

As we are celebrating our win the 2nd time from the highly competitive and coveted Singapore Prestige Brand Award’s Heritage Brand category, we are also being subjected to the test of Mother Nature this morning. Fortunately Mother Nature was kind and no one was injured when the tree fell onto one of our truck. This incident will not hinder our deliveries as we always have contingency plans in our SOPs and we always believe that Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do! 
Thank you for the support of our business partners and our colleagues,the pillars of Shun Zhou, this award would not have been possible without all of you!

Contribution to ‘Share a Wheelchair Program’

Our Project Wheelchair contributed 10 new wheelchairs to our local community center for their “Share A Wheelchair Program” to reach out and benefit needy residents whom have both mobility and financial difficulties to enhance their mobility without weighing further on their financial burdens.


Project Tongkat

Helping People To Walk Out From Isolation

Project Tongkat will distribute walking sticks for free to the people that do not have the means to afford them or are using old walking sticks that are damaged/repaired and this project will enable the users and encourage them to walk again and also reduce the risk of falling down.

New glimpse of hope, new glimpse of Life!


June 2015 Periodical Updates On Block B Distribution Center

June update on the construction of our distribution center. One more month towards completion. The entire construction process and planning was not an easy task for our team.

However with the thought of putting clients interest above ours allow us to overcome and go against all odds.

Thank you for being patient with us always.

Periodical updates on the construction development of Block B of Shun Zhou Distribution Center

Project Saathi

Project Saathi was initiated the moment we learnt that Nepal was struck with one of the worst earthquake in history causing more than 10,000 deaths and millions homeless. More than 1300 thick blankets, 700 towels and medicine and 1000pcs of zinc roofing sheets and nails were consolidated, ready to be sent to Nepal to help the people and rebuild their homes. For 3 days our staff volunteered and we packed our Love into those cartons boxes and send our Love to the people of Nepal to let know that they’re not forsaken.

We now have more than 11pallets of relief aid to be send over by Air and Sea. Nepali, Stay strong our love is on their way!


Apex 850

Shun Zhou Group is very fortunate to be one of the major sponsor this year for Apex 850, a fund raising activity put together by 29 cyclists that will ride from Singapore to Penang to raise funds the the dementia patients.

As most of us are preparing to celebrate Chinese New Year, We also took this opportunity to share the joy and happiness with the folks in The Apex Harmony Lodge(AHL) with our presence and at the same time presenting them Hong Bao (Red Packets) to wish them the best of health.


Sharing of Values and Rules That Help Shaped Shun Zhou

 Mr. Albert Oon(second from left), Group Managing Director,Shun Zhou Group which was last year winner in the Heritage Category of Singapore Prestige Brand Award(SPBA) shares what important values and rules that help shape a brand like Shun Zhou with the media and upcoming 2015 SPBA participants

Singapore Press Holdings Ltd


May 2015 Periodical Updates On Block B Distribution Center

The progress is currently on schedule and we look forward to bring more cost and environmental efficient inventory for our faithful clients real soon!
Look out for the mega one stop distribution center near you!

One step at a time, one brick at a time we built your trust and faith for the past 27 years.
We will remember our values and principles, we will always put our business partners interest above ours.

Periodical updates on the construction development of Block B of Shun Zhou Distribution Center

Apr 2015 Periodical Updates On Block B Distribution Center

Sky was dark the last few days so we decided to post some black and white.
The pride of Shun Zhou.

Periodical updates on the construction development of Block B of Shun Zhou Distribution Center